Transfer Valves
transfer valves
Repairs and Replacement Parts
hydraulic repairs
hydraulic replacement pats
The HICORP valve features a zero frictional drag during the changeover and positive mechanical lockdown device. The design has retractable, fully covered elastomer sealing pads which is important to reduce operating torque. The retraction feature also avoids dragging an o-ring seal around the valve body bore and causing potential seal wear or damage.
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Sealing Pads provide No-Leak and Zero frictional Drag
  • Stainless Steel Internal Shaft and Operating Mechanism
  • Easy Low Torque Operation – Handle
  • Spectacle Blinds are Not Required for Tight Shut-Off
  • Designed and Tested per API Standards 614
  • Complete In-House Testing for Customer Requirements
  • Flanged & Butt Weld Connections Available
  • Pressure Ratings to 1500 PSI
  • Drop-in Replacements for Competitive Valves
» Transfer Valve Order Sheet
» 6 Way-Same Side Continuous Flow Transfer Valve
» 3-Way Transfer Valve Data Sheet.pdf
» Twin Split Transfer Valve Data Sheet
» 6 Way-Inline Continuous Flow Transfer Valve
» Opposite Side Offset Transfer Valve
Mahle Filter Elements
Mahle Filter Elements

» Rugged Fabricated Steel Construction
» Simplex & Duplex Vessels
» Portable & Stationary Off-Loop Filter Systems
» Wide Variety of Filter Elements & Efficiencies (Cellulose, Synthetic, Microglass)
» Genuine Mahle Filters and Elements

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» Simplex & Duplex Filter Operating
» HLP Filter Element Change Instructions
» HLP Filter Changeover Instructions Model
Diversion Valves

diversion valves
3-Way Diversion Valves

» Fabricated Steel Construction
» Broad Spectrum of Fluid Flow Control Applications
» Ranging from Primary Metals to Automotive, Municipal Water Service » Sewage Disposal and Purifications
» Valve Requires No External Actuator
» Material Design for Water Service

» 3-Way Diversion Valves
Air Oil

» Build & Maintain Higher Internal Bearing Pressures
» Make Small or Large Adjustments in Oil & Air Delivery to Meet
» Changing Operating Conditions
» Easily Monitor Individual Bearing Oil Deliver
» Eliminates Contaminates to Shop
» Environmentally Friendly
ISO Modules / Manifolds

» Multi-Port Hydraulic Valves shut-off (P-T-A-B & x-y)
» Simplifies Valve Stand Design & Reduces Leak Potential
» NEPA & Non NFPA Patterns Available
» DO3, DO5, DO8 Models from Stock
Systems Design

Included on HICORP's units are components manufactured by HICORP to exacting standards such as manifolds, ISO modules, SAE flanges and valves. HICORP's extensive design and machining capabilities provide innovative concepts in the manufacturer of critical components. The complete control of designs allows for maximum flexibility and cost control. HICORP’s experience in the hydraulic, circulating oil and lubrication systems provide superior design and product applications. As a manufacturer HICORP has complete design and manufacturing capability in full hydraulic, lubricating and circulating oil units.

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» System Designs to Specification & Applications
» Systems Designed to 5000 PSI
» Pump Drives 1/2 to 250 HP
» Full Turn Key Design Capability
» Reservoirs to 300 Gallons Available in Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel
» Electrical Panels and Control Electronics